Phil Hu is an entrepreneur and inventor passionate about solving everyday problems through meticulous design and uncompromising standards. As an avid traveler, he is the co-founder and CEO of cleverlayover, a flight search engine that finds cheaper flights through exhaustive algorithms.

After years of working late nights as an entrepreneur, Phil has found that quality sleep is the only thing that can fuel successful companies. He is also the founder and inventor of Saybrook pillows, a direct-to-consumer brand that combines thoughtful design and quality materials to produce the best pillows. After testing many infomercial pillows that were either too soft or too firm, Phil invented the Saybrook adjustable pillow to improve his own sleep quality as a side-sleeper.

Phil has a BA in Applied Mathematics from Yale College and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is a former Research Science Institute scholar at MIT and the co-author of four peer-reviewed papers. In his free time, he enjoys culturally immersive travel and blissfully restful sleep.

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